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Tupelo Fire Department 75′ Aerial

Vehicle Details

  • New Fire Apparatus
  • Pierce Enforcer
  • Aerial
  • Black, Red
  • Tupelo
  • Tucker Kuntz

  • The Enforcer 7010 Cab with aerial notch and 10″ raised roof. 
  • This 75′ Aerial is powered by a Cummins L9 @ 450 hp with 1250 ft. lbs. of torque.
  • A Jacobs Compression Brake with Hi, Med, and Lo settings assist this apparatus in stopping.
  • This truck features side roll and frontal impact protection. 
  • In cab there is a Vehicle Information Center with 7″ color display for viewing the Pierce Command Zone and the camera system. Pierce – Electrical Systems | Pierce Mfg
  • Equipped with a Vehicle Data Recorder on an overhead display including seat belt monitor.
  • Another safety feature of this apparatus is the HAAS Alert.  HAAS Alert Collision Mitigation | Pierce Mfg
  • This apparatus houses a Waterous 1500 GPM CSU Single Stage Pump with a 500 Gallon tank. 
  • The ladder compliment on the apparatus is a 35′ 3-section, 24′ 2-section, (2) roof ladders at 16′ and 10′, and a 10′ folding ladder. 
  • There are two crosslays in the under slung bumper, both equipped with 200′ of 1.75″ hose. 
  • The truck has an LDH capacity of 800′ of 5″.
  • This truck is equipped with a Husky 3 foam system for added suppression capability, including a 30 gallon Class “A” foam tank. Pierce – Husky™ 3 Foam System | Pierce Mfg
  • This apparatus is equipped with a traffic advisor to help guide traffic around. Traffic Advisor™ Archives – Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.
  • Aerial portion of the truck has a 3-way Fire Research ICA900 hands free intercom system for communication between the basket, turntable, and pump panel. 
  • This apparatus came with 5 spare wiring circuits,  one to a 12v DC bus bar, and  4 USB terminations.
  • It is equipped with an array of adjustable shelving and floor mounted trays and a swing out toolboard.