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Cleveland Fire Dept. Engine 21

Vehicle Details

  • New Fire Apparatus
  • Pierce Impel
  • Custom Pumper
  • Black, Red
  • Cleveland
  • Tucker Kuntz

  • Powered by a Cummins L9 @ 370 H.P. and 1250 ft. lbs. of torque W/OBD.
  • Impel with a 6010 raised roof cab. 
  • Equipped with HAAS Alert, collision mitigation system.  HAAS Alert Collision Mitigation | Pierce Mfg
  • Pierce Command Zone advanced electronics and control system with WiFi, including a vehicle data recorder and seat belt monitor.  Electrical Systems | Pierce Mfg
  • Firecom 5100D intercom with headset stored in pump panel radio compartment with charging port. 
  • Rear camera for driver. 
  • The Poly Tank holds 750 gallons of water. 
  • Air bottle storage is in the triple fender panels on the RS and double fender panels on LS.
  • Pumphouse has top mount controls for a Waterous 1500 GPM single stage pump. 
  • Over the pumphouse sits two booster reels. 
  • A Husky 12 single agent is on board with a PTO driven hydraulic pump and discharging from several locations.
  • A thirty-gallon Class A foam cell is also on board. 
  • The lightbar is by Whelen, the Freedom IV-Q 72″. Whelen | Lightbars | FreedomĀ® IV