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Olive Branch Crestline

Vehicle Details

  • New Ambulance
  • CCL150
  • Ford E-350
  • Type III
  • White
  • Olive Branch
  • Rob Cartee

  • Crestline CCL150 Type III Ambulance.  Crestline | CCL 150 – Type III (USA Model) (
  • Sits on a Ford E350 Chassis with a 6.8L Triton V10 Gas engine and has a wheelbase of 138″.
  • Unit has a payload capacity of 2,335 lbs. and is certified to the GVS V2.0 standard along with the KKK-A-1822F Standards. 
  • Features the power load system.
  • Dimensions of this box is 150″ Long X 96″ Wide with 72″ of interior headroom.
  • Body is of extruded aluminum being powder coated both interior and exterior.
  • Four inch corner radiuses help reduce drag. 
  • Equipped with a multiplex electrical system with external access this system is robust and proven to reduce downtime and lower repair cost.
  • Exterior storage is 50.8 cu. ft. and interior storage is up to 60.3 cu. ft. 
  • Equipped with high intensity compartment lighting (Rope LED). 
  • Unit has a bumper to bumper warranty of 3 yrs./55k miles; an electrical warranty of 5 yrs./95k miles; a lifetime structural warranty and a lifetime paint warranty. 
  • Crest-clean is a antimicrobial coating that prevents and protects all interior surfaces from growth of bacteria and destructive microorganisms. This enhances safety for both patients and EMS. 
  • The remount advantage of the module on a new chassis will save considerably and will make downtime minimal, while also being eco-friendly.
  • The aluminum cabinets are highly durable and long lasting. They are lighter than wood reducing the overall weight.