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McAdory Fire Department

Vehicle Details

  • New Ambulance
  • CCL150
  • Ford F-350
  • Type I
  • White
  • Pelham
  • Jeff Kuntz






  • Base Option:
  • McAdory Fire Department’s Crestline CCL150 with a 150″ box and 96″ wide body and a spacious 72 inches of headroom.
  • Chassis:
  • This Type I unit sitting on a Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel  4 x 4 Chassis and cab.
  • Features Anti-Theft Security and high idle system with OEM mirrors, chrome simulators, and a hidden valet  switch.
  • Drivers Compartment:
  • Cab to module talk through opening with sliding window allows for communication with attendant. 
  • Equipped with the OEM voltmeter and a digital conversion voltmeter on the drivers console, along with the patient status indicator lights (Red, Yellow, and Green). 
  • The drivers console features “Door Ajar” and “Compartment” indicator lights, as well as, two USB charging ports.
  • There are reading lights centered over both the passenger and drivers seat. (Red/White LED). 
  • Conversion:
  • C1 compartment features an ALS inside/outside access with sealed battery storage area.
  • Two step interior access with LED step well lights, and undercoating protection.
  • C3 compartment has dual backboard storage with straps, two adjustable shelves for equipment bags and includes chair stair storage.
  • Main oxygen storage in S1 compartment with the electrical control center (EEC) with lower equipment storage in S2.
  • Compartment S3 is closed off having outside access with two adjustable shelves for equipment bags.
  • Interior Curbside:
  • Unit features a two position squad bench with 6 point harness system providing the ability for transport of a second patient.
  • Front ALS compartment w/two adjustable shelves and locking doors, plus a lockable drug cabinet above the ALS compartment. 
  • Interior Street side:
  • CPR seat with 6 point harness system, restocking frames with sliding polycarbonate doors.
  • Rear facing EVS seamless vinyl seat w/child safety device and 3 point seatbelt, with two position swivel base and center mount cot configuration. 
  • Electrical:
  • Multiplex electrical system using toggle switches with LED backlit pictogram and curbside switch panel.
  • Compartments feature high intensity LED rope lights; there are also six (6) LED dome lights with multiple intensity settings. 
  • Unit also features a Xantrex Freedom XC pure sine-wave inverter, also equipped with  back up camera w/monitor in cab.