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North Shelby Fire District Saber Custom Pumper

Vehicle Details

  • New Fire Apparatus
  • Pierce Saber
  • Custom Pumper
  • Black, Yellow
  • North Shelby
  • Pete Holden

  • North Shelby Fire Districts’ Custom Saber Pumper.
  • This unit is powered by a Cummins L9 at 450 hp. with 1250 ft. lbs. of torque w/OBD and Jacobs Compression Brake with Hi, Med, and Lo settings.
  • Features a Wabco Brake System with ABS.
  • Apparatus is Equipped with a Vehicle Information Center w/LCD on gauge cluster, A Vehicle Data Recorder with seat belt monitor. 
  • Equipped with a Firecom 5100D Radio to intercom interface, allowing communication.
  • A load manager has been integrated into the electrical system, allowing it not to be overloaded.
  • Apparatus is equipped with a Waterous CXC20, 1500 gpm single stage pump connected to a 750 gallon poly water tank with life time warranty.
  • The Hose bed capacity is 1500′ of 5″ LDH, 400′ of 3″, and 200′ of 2.5″
  • Compartment doors are Amdor, painted to match lower body, with compartment lighting being Pierce LED dual light strips, one on each side of door.
  • Ladder compliment is: 24′ 2 section, 14′ roof, and 10′ folding installed on a hydraulic ladder rack.